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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Party like its 1829!

Well, we are back from our week at the Allegheny Cabin. For a long time now I have been talking about "retiring" to my "Cabin in the Woods", confident that I would have no problem downsizing my living arrangements. Living possibly off grid. My own sustainable homestead. I thought  maybe I should test it out, so I rented a cabin with no electricity. We got there early, not in the dark and pouring rain like last year. Last year we had electricity. The size did not bother me, the scenery was just gorgeous, cooking  was easy! Food in the coolers - no problem. Give me a wood burning stove and I am happy. The girl in the check in office even let me switch my cabin to one right on a creek! She even helped me find a cabin with NO other people around. So we were the only one's in the loop. Which I believe might have been my mistake. Because the second night at 5 P.M. I opened the door and looked outside and I thought someone threw a huge black tarp over the cabin, it was that dark outside. No of course there aren't street lights in the wilderness! This kind of freaked me out at night. During the day we went on many walks along the creek. It was hunting season so I made sweaters for the boys out of a hunting vest. We cooked some great meals and I got some good book reading in. But always near sundown, that is when I started to get a little freaky. I realized one night how absolutely insane it seemed me laying there in the middle of the wilderness all by myself with two small dogs! You know how you morph your thoughts until they seem surreal if you keep thinking about it. What was I thinking????? The radio kept warning of a snow storm so we left a few days early. I know now that I do not mind a smaller home, wood for heat, or even rough cooking. I do miss my Internet and electricity and refrigeration. What did I miss the most? Running water and a bright lamp tie for first place. So I have ruled out a cabin in the woods for now. I am now leaning toward a nice Craftsman bungalow instead........

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