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Sunday, January 22, 2012

References to my "love"

Well, that relationship is over. Completely. I have no regrets, no bad feelings. I learned quite a lot from it. Now 20/20 hindsight that anything based on dishonesty nothing good will become of it. It was not me who was dishonest, but it was me who allowed it to go on. No it was not a married man or anything like that. So you may see references to or about my love. That was when I was under the impression that one day this man and I would eventually have some kind of life together. I was never lied to but I was never told the truth either. People can manipulate you by withholding information. I am not bitter and I no longer care about this person either. You know how you get those revelations after you are finally away from a situation long enough? You say, what was I thinking? Well that's where I am today. I have also done a lot of soul searching to figure out why I even got myself into the situation. I have to blame myself and my short comings to have allowed it. It has been over since July. And I am all good. Better than good!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I think I have ADD

So I'm sitting on the porch and I decide to go get the fan, cuz its kind of hot, before I even get thru the living room I have decided to start my zucchini pizza. I belong to Porter Farms CSA and there have been quite alot of zucchini in the bags the last few weeks. I pre heat the oven, (yes I know its hot), and start to slice the zucchini. I go outside to get some cherry tomatos and see the 3 kitchen floor mats I threw out there this morning, I proceed to turn on the hose and get some soap and scrub them so they can dry out in the sun. I flip them and now proceed to water my deck plants and herbs, I go in the house and pour olive oil on my sliced zucchini so they can marinate while I am puttzing outside. I go back out and pick only the reddest cherry tomato's. This is my rule, do not pick unless really red. The bigger beefsteaks are still quite green. I bring the cherry tomato's in the house. I go back outside because I forgot to water the tomato plants. I water them. I flip the kitchen mats and then scrub the other side. I turn off the hose and go back in, finish slicing the rest of the zucchini, and the cherry tomato's and get the pizza in the oven. I go into the living room, grab the fan and put it on the porch.

Yep, ADD.

I let this bake 450 oven for 20 minutes before I add the Blue Marble Jack cheese............

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I love this town

I am really starting to feel like this town is my home. I have never felt so welcomed any where else. No one ever talked to me any of the other places I lived. But if I am out in my front yard, which isn't often, someone literally stops and pulls in the driveway to chat. Sarah the little old lady across the street also came by in her golf cart last week and said, come on up here honey, as she patted the seat on the golf cart. I sat next to her and she told me the names of the houses, named after people long ago gone, "That's the Lewis house, oh they don't live there any more..." and she told me stories about when her dad owned the home she is in now, 88 acres, told me to come swim in the in ground pool..."Well, we used to have a camp here, we put the pool in back then..." she was like in her late teens and she told me stories of how city kids would come to camp and she would take them to the dairy farm down the street and all the other things you could show a city kid here in the country. I could have listened to her for hours.

The house is coming along too, slowly but surely fixing it up here, decorating there. I am doing it at my own pace which is slllllooooooww, but hey, what's the hurry. I am doing a good job, how do I know? Cuz another townie stopped and told me, "You really did a good job on the house, its looking really nice.!!!  And then HE started telling me stories about my home. How the cops used to stop here at least twice a month.....
My next door neighbor Bill offered to mow the side yard for me. He is now chatty when once he wouldn't even look at me. I walked the dogs to get a Fireball ice cream cone at the Snack Shack up the street and two more neighbors I never met yet waved, nice waves too.  On my porch the birds even stop at the birdfeeders in front of me now and look at me and tweet! YES THEY DO!!!! 

The other night I got ready for bed, and when I walked into my bedroom I just looked and said, God, I LOVE my room, it actually looks like a room in one of my magazines. I love the new blue wall paint I picked and the white trim. It felt soooooo good to lay my head down somewhere where I love, where I feel welcome, where I feel home.

Next week is a big week here in town. 4th of July. Parade, carnival. Fireworks. Curley's has a band, going to a party on the lake that has bands, its going to be a nice weekend! Better pace myself and I am sure I am going to be making a lot more friends!!!!